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Why should we go solar now?

The longer you wait to think about solar, the more it costs you. For example, electricity prices in many parts of the country have risen by 72% in the last 10 years. On the other hand commercial prices for solar have decreased 58% since 2012. Recent studies suggest we are nearing the bottom of that downward trajectory. There's no getting around it, electricity costs will continue to increase. Our clients that adopt solar are saving hundred's of thousands of dollars over their system's 40+ year lifetime.

How can a focus on sustainability help my business grow?

Choosing to go solar isn’t just a financial decision. It’s an environmental choice. Businesses that cultivate a focus on sustainability are experiencing powerful brand effects. A solar panel system on your business makes a strong statement to your customers. Their relationship with your brand grows. Study after study shows that sustainability isn’t just good for the planet; it’s good for business.

How can running my business on solar increase my bottom line?

For any business, finding new sources of capital to reinvest in the company can be difficult. Solar saves your business money that would otherwise be spent on utility bills, and instead reinvests it into your own property. The bottom-line benefits are undeniable. All of our clients are motivated by the same thing, saving money. With some projected to save hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) in electricity costs over the life of their commercial solar panel system. That’s money that directly impacts your bottom line.

Is solar a worthwile investment in places that have cold winters?

While it is true that some areas don't have the luxury of year round sun like some countries do near the equator, our systems are specifically designed for northern climates and actually perform better in the cold. With our cutting edge module technology we can ensure that you will save thousands of dollars, no matter the weather. Germany is a leader in the solar industry, years ahead of us here in North America, and yet they receive less sunlight on average than we do in the North. The belief that solar can not work in Northern climates is an incredibly limiting one. It's time to redefine how we live on this planet

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