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Wedding Video in Essex Treasured Moments

Your Investment

Leez Priory Essex Wedding Video Treasured Moments

Indulgence Wedding Collection

Ultimate Coverage

- Professional Videographer - all day from preparations until shortly after the first dance

 -All filmed in 4K as standard

- Ceremony filmed using multiple cameras and microphones

- Coverage of speeches using multiple cameras and microphones

- Reception until after the first dance

- Aerial Drone Filming

- Cinematic Wedding Film 25 - 30 Minute in length encompassing those key moments

- The Full Edited Ceremony Film

- The Full Edited Speeches Film

- 3 to 5 Min Cinematic Trailer Film

- 1 min Instagram Teaser Film

- On Demand Delivery

- USB Drive Containing Finished Films

Additional Enhancements

Just What You Need

- Additional Evening Filming, we normally film until 8.30pm or the first dance which ever comes soonest, additional hours filming can be arranged where we can stay and film up to midnight

- Aerial Drone Filming, CAA Licensed aerial drone footage of wedding venue (weather and location permitting)

- Full Documentary Edit, All the edited 4K footage that we take on the day can be purchased, we edit out the set up shots and anything else thats not appealing, colour grade ALL the watchable footage, then transfer all of these files onto a USB hard Drive which we supply to you to keep

- Additional Blu-Ray/DVD copies in a personalised Case

- USB Flash Drive, All completed video files stored onto a USB memory stick, for both back up purposes and so you can watch on computers and modern smart TV's

Wedding In Essex Treasured Moments Video
On Demand Delivery

To keep up with Technology and client needs, all wedding films are stored on-line and are available "On Demand"

The advantage of digital delivery is that your films can be accessed from anywhere in the world, so family and friends can watch wherever they are.

You can also download your films, save them to your computer, phone, tablet and other storage media.

We can also still produce copies of your Films onto High Definition Blu-ray, DVD and USB

Wedding Flowers Essex Video Treasured Moments
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